Hello, I’m Kota Uehara. I’m a digital nomad, working as a freelance photographer, web marketer, beginner programmer. I post helpful information for people who want to become a digital nomad by UELOG.

My works are wedding, couple, family and kids.

couple photography with cherry blossoms in Japan.

I started a photographer since 2015, and I took over 200 people. mostly I take happy moments like a wedding, couple, kids and family photography. I want to tell wonderfulness love to people through my photographs. Our time passes so quickly but a photograph can keep everything. I share helpful information for taking photography. Please check the category, “Photography” Also, follow my Instagram if you are interested in my portfolios.

The reason why I became a photographer for taking the sweet moments.

Our pre-wedding photography in Japan’s photo studio

This is my story of becoming a photographer, and the reason why I focus on taking a wedding couple, kids photography. when we were still students, she was learning wedding planning in her school. she told me the wonderfulness which makes people happy through the wedding. but In her graduation year, she had a sickness, so I decided to take a pre-wedding photo in some studio before getting married to her. the day, I saw a lot of wonderful scenes, she only wore a wedding dress and had makeup but her face looked so happy. So the pre-wedding photography that was taken by the photographer in a studio became my treasure. I realized that the job as a photographer is so great, and makes people’s treasure. So I decided to become a photographer.

SEO Marketing is a good opportunity to become a digital nomad.

I also started to learn SEO marketing of growing up a website since 2017. I share with you the information by this personal blog. SEO is important not only to grow up the searching rank but also to sale, and tell your product for marketing. I’m not a professional marketer but I’m so happy if you can catch the information and also grow up your website together. I hope UELOG is a sample of them for you. You can read them by the “Marketing” category. Please check my twitter that I post information related marketing in English and Japanese both.

I share programming experience from zero.

I share my programming experience from zero on UELOG’s “Programming” category. The information must be helpful for a beginner like me. I aim to become a front-end developer. So my steps are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I also need to learn PHP for construction WordPress. Step by step, learn and become a web developer together.

Also, helpful information for our life

I post personal thought, travel, advice on UELOG, read them kill your time. I’m going to update an article in “Life” category.

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in working with me. Mostly you can do in three ways like E-mail, Instagram, Twitter.